RS Components Provides Assistance for San Pablo Integrated Website’s Continuity

Several months ago, San Pablo Integrated School launched its website to give itself an official presence on the Internet. To ensure that the website remains online for the foreseeable future, the school collaborated with global engineering distributor RS Components.

The company has provided San Pablo Integrated School with the necessary technical and logistical support to sustain its website’s operations. Resources such as web hosting and domain name renewal which are not provided by the government to public schools have been given to the school by RS as part of its corporate social responsibility program.

RS Components is a leading multinational distributor of engineering equipment and supplies. The company recently entered the Philippine in response to support the country’s growing infrastructure needs. As the case is with every territory that RS enters, the company wasted no time in reaching out to organizations and institutions that represent good causes. Chief among these causes is basic education.

“RS Components’ assistance couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Edralin M. Callo, Principal at San Pablo Integrated School. “While we accomplished a significant milestone when we launched the website, there is much more to maintaining an online property. We are very thankful that we are receiving necessary resources for free, allowing us to further use this platform to enhance the education of our students. ”

Originally, the website was meant to become the school’s online information hub. Since its launch, though, plans have also been made to one day add functions that will make it an interactive learning environment that will support the convergence of teachers and learners over the internet.

RS is the trading arm of Electrocomponents plc, an Oxford, England-based manufacturer that’s globally regarded as among the most trusted suppliers of engineering supplies and equipment. RS Philippines sells electrical switches, cabling, cable ties, transformers, measuring tools, hand tools, circuit breakers, and more. All orders from the website are delivered free of charge. Delivery times may vary depending on the regulations associated with certain products.