Academic System

San Pablo Integrated School uses the K-12 academic system adopted by the DepEd in 2012 after former President Bengno C. Aquino III signed Republic Act Republic Act No. 10533 into law. Under this system, more years are added to the nation’s basic education program. Instead of the previous preschool-gradeschool-high school scheme, we now follow the kindergarten-elementary-middle school-high school scheme.

Under the current system, we focus on exposing students to learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Values
  • Life skills
  • Love of country
  • Service to fellow men

Giving students ample exposure in each of these and balancing all the areas allows for the well-rounded and holistic development of each student. We believe strongly that each student has innate strengths that need to be nurtured and weaknesses that must be addressed. With the cooperation of our faculty and the parents, optimal development in each child can be attained.



Similar to all Philippine public schools, San Pablo Integrated School uses a wide variety of student learning assessment methods including performance evaluations, recitation, written exams and project making. It is through these activities that we are able to gauge and quantify the learning of each pupil so we may be able to identify areas of excellence as well as those where each child lags behind. Only by measuring learning milestones will teachers and parents be able to help a child improve in areas of difficulties.



San Pablo Integrated School awards citations and honors to students who display extraordinary levels of academic excellence. To qualify for honors, a student must attain a grade average that falls in the following ranges:

  • 98-100 – With Highest Honors
  • 95-97 – With High Honors
  • 90-94 – With Honors

Students who demonstrate excellence in single subjects or extra-curricular activities will also be given special citations at the end of each school year.



As believers in the balanced and holistic development of every student, San Pablo Integrated School’s faculty and administrators encourage students to join extra-curricular and co-curricular activities recognized by the institution.

These activities include sports, performing arts and civic works. When used as a synergy with academics, these activities can help in the ideal and balanced growth of a child into adulthood. Further, we believe that these activities enhance a student’s character by instilling the attributes of sportsmanship, perseverance, teamwork and camaraderie with peers.